Revealed Secrets of Marble

Marble is turning up everywhere from counter top to faux panels for the wall. Which is understandable because of how amazing they look and they are super affordable. But before you add the beautiful rock to your house, there are a few things a person needs to know about having marble in the house. So here are some secrets about your marble counters, faux panels or whatever you are putting marble on.
First, marble is highly porous which makes it a high-maintenance surface. If something like wine or oil is spilled on the surface then it will seep into the marble and when this happens it can be extremely difficult to get out. So, it is super important that you get all your marble professionally sealed once it is installed to protect it and around every six months, get it resealed. But sealing does not necessarily prevent all damages but it is a big help. But for those stains that happen and you cannot get out, try using a cloth dripped into a mixture of a few drops of Ammonia and ½ cup o…